I’m Liberal and Conservative (and So Are You)

Liberal and Conservative Crossroads

The failure of the terms “liberal” and “conservative” to stand meaningfully on their own is obvious. Everyone is both liberal and conservative to different degrees on different issues from different perspectives. Everyone wants to conserve the good things in their life and be free to make their own choices.

I find that so-called liberals and conservatives both typically have core values worth promoting, and I see no reason why they can’t be in harmony.

Examples of Good “Conservative” Values
Families as the foundation for society
Responsibility and hard work
Private property
Free enterprise
Defending yourself and those you love

Examples of Good “Liberal” Values
Freedom to make personal choices
Compassion for the less fortunate
Respect for the natural environment (ironically known as conservation)
Peaceful coexistence with others

Of course, there are also fundamental contradictions in the thinking of many who self-identify as either liberal or conservative. How can you be pro-life and pro-war at the same time? How can violence be justified as a means of pseudo-compassion? How can you promote respect for personal choice and prohibition of personal choice?

Sadly, the biggest problem comes from believing that the government should be used to force personal agendas on others by violence. The bathwater that “liberals” and “conservatives” both need to throw out is the statist agenda. People from both groups endorse mass extortion (taxes) and insist that a few people must be empowered to boss everyone around.

Self-ownership and liberty must be conserved to have a civilized society, and people can promote conservation of what they value while allowing peaceful people to follow their own conscience.

Keep the baby, throw out the bathwater. Be a voluntaryist.